Man charged in kidnapping of going to Chinese researcher now assumed dead

Man charged in kidnapping

An Illinois man was captured and accused Friday of abducting a meeting researcher from China, who specialists now accept to be dead after she vanished three weeks prior.

Brendt Christensen, 28, of Champaign, Illinois, has been charged in a government criminal grumbling with stealing Yingying Zhang, who vanished soon after she ventured off a travel transport close to the University of Illinois grounds in July.

The dissension, which was documented in government court on Friday, asserts that Christensen's mobile phone was utilized as a part of April to visit an online gathering entitled "Snatching 101," including sub-strings called "Culminate kidnapping dream" and "arranging a hijacking."

Zhang, the 26-year-old girl of a common laborers plant driver from China, was accounted for missing by a University of Illinois relate educator on June 9 - weeks after she landed on the Urbana-Champaign grounds as a worldwide researcher inquiring about photosynthesis and harvest efficiency.

As per a 10-page testimony documented by FBI Special Agent Anthony Manganaro, Christensen was gotten on sound recording while under law implementation reconnaissance on Thursday clarifying how he hijacked Zhang. Christensen supposedly expressed that he took Zhang back to his condo and held her there without wanting to.

In view of that data and different truths revealed amid the examination, specialists trust Zhang is not any more alive, the affirmation states.

Robert Jones, chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, issued an announcement communicating "incredible distress" to discover that Zhang is accepted to be dead.

"There are no words that can clarify why or how such a horrible thing ought to happen, nor is there anything I may state that will facilitate the misery of any of you who knew her. There will be the ideal opportunity for equity and for clarifications in the days and weeks ahead," Jones said. "Yingying is associated with her graciousness, her tenderness and her grin."

As per the government charging archive, Zhang proposed to meet with a condo chief to sign a rent at a complex in Urbana the evening of June 9. Reconnaissance cameras caught Zhang holding up at a transport stop close to the college's grounds at 2 p.m. CT when a dark Saturn Astra seemed to pass her, at that point circle the square back to her area.

The auto pulled over to where Zhang was standing and she was seen on reconnaissance video talking with the driver for about a moment. She at that point entered the front traveler side of the vehicle and the auto drove off, as indicated by the sworn statement.

Law implementation work force researching Zhang's vanishing decided there were 18 autos like the one Zhang was seen getting into enrolled in Champaign County.

While following up on drives, experts went to a flat complex in Champaign on June 12 where they recognized a 2008 dark Saturn Astra, which was enlisted under Christensen's name. Examiners addressed Christensen, who expressed the vehicle was his however couldn't at first review his whereabouts on the day Zhang disappeared, as per the oath.

Experts later decided the dark Saturn Astra in the observation film had a sunroof and broke hubcap, similar to the vehicle that has a place with Christensen. When they talked with Christensen once more, he confessed to driving around the University of Illinois grounds and giving a ride to an Asian lady who disclosed to him she was late for an arrangement, agreeing the court report.

Christensen asserted the lady "froze" when he obviously made a wrong turn, so he let her out of his auto in a local location a couple of pieces far from where he lifted her up, the oath states.

Christensen was put under persistent law authorization observation on June 16.

The sworn statement says agents acquired assent from Christensen's flat mate to seek the living arrangement, where they grabbed various hardware, including a few PCs and cellphones having a place with the suspect. They additionally executed a court order on Christensen's auto.

The front traveler entryway of the vehicle where Zhang would have been sitting seemed to have been cleaned more constantly than the other auto entryways, the sworn statement states.

"In light of my preparation and experience, I trust that this kind of activity might be characteristic of an endeavor to disguise or crush prove," Manganaro states.

Despite the fact that Zhang is never again accepted to be alive, the oath expresses that she stays lost as of Friday.

Zhang graduated in 2016 with a graduate degree in ecological building from Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, one of China's tip top schools, as per The Associated Press.


  1. I have heard in the news that she is supposed to be dead. However, until her dead body is not found, we can just hope that she will be alive.
    Emma Charlotte |

  2. That is true we can just hope that she is till alive.


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